Lynn K. – November 2015

Thank you so much for helping me get a new furnace. The service was quick, and Eric was great to work with. It is very comforting to know that I am in good hands. I really appreciate being connected to your company.

Darlene P. – May 2015

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your installers/repair team. Yesterday, Mitch came to my house to fix my ‘broken’ thermostat. My entire heating and cooling systems were installed in September 2014 by Pinnacle. The problem with the thermostat was a shorted out fuse in the furnace caused by the electrocution of a mouse that built a nest and chewed through some wires in the outside unit. Not only did Mitch fix the problem, but he got rid of the mouse and its nest and even put my trash can out on my curb for today’s trash pickup. I had told him I had a phobia of mice. I told him I couldn’t believe that he was willing to do that for me and he said, “this is what we do.” I also have a portable humidifier in the basement and last summer when Ken was here for repair to my old system, he offered to attach one of my short garden hoses to run to the basement drain to save me from having to empty the bucket every day. I am so pleased at how your employees are honest, respectful, and go ‘Above and Beyond.”

Keith H. – January 2015

I was pleasantly surprised to receive your cash referral reward! Thank you! It was certainly not necessary but very much appreciated, as was your ‘Above and Beyond’ service. In this day and age good, dependable, and quality service is not easy to find as it should be. We have used various companies in our 32 years in this home and doing business with your company ‘stands out.’ Thank you!

Nick H. – July 2014

Lots of businesses claim ‘Above & Beyond’ service but the service we received from Pinnacle truly was just that! First, they offered various options and didn’t go right to the most expensive solution – helped us make the choice that fit our need. Then they actually were here on time and one of the first things said to us: “Thank you for your business”. When they were finished and had pulled out of the driveway, I grabbed a broom to go clean up after the ‘workers’ both inside and out. If I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes and knew they’d been there for half the day, I would have never known they’d been there! They cleaned up after themselves! I have and will continue to refer anyone to this company. Oh, I almost forgot … it’s been a month and they called to set an appointment for a follow up check at no charge! We’ve lived in our house a long time … this is the 3rd heating and cooling system for us. We’ve had good service in the past but this was truly ‘Above and Beyond!’ Thanks Pinnacle! You remind me of how service ‘used to be!’

Maureen M. – March 2014

I am writing because I appreciate that Ken went ‘Above and Beyond’ on a recent service call to our home. Ken was professional and sincerely cared. I appreciate that he wore shoe covers and helped me find where our water was being pumped to. Ken represented Pinnacle very well and you can be proud of that. All of my experiences with Pinnacle have been excellent and you really do go ‘Above and Beyond!’ Thank you!

Denny M. – October 2013

I could not be more satisfied with Pinnacle Heating-Cooling. They were the only heating and cooling company that knew how to correct a very poor air flow problem in our two story home. They implemented the recommendations and our home feels so much more better. In addition, they have maintained our heating and cooling systems with such professionalism.

I would highly recommend this firm to anyone!!